Vetrina 1.0 – Showcase advertisement Web application

This is a web page, used to show advertisements in the showcase of a shop.
The full-size is 1366*768 because it must run on an HD-ready 26″ LCD TV.
The news on the bottom are refreshed by an AJAX script, the adv-picture cycles with a nice replace effect, made in Flash. The images are taken from an external directory… so it is possible to put on the display new images without interact with the PC, just uploading them on the ftp dir.


Vetrina 1.0 - preview
will send you to DeviantArt, where a full-sized preview is available.

Next ones… (aliasing)

All the stuff before this post is shown with a rescaled preview. Next ones will be made in native 400px width, so no more aliasing effects caused by the browser rescaling algorithm.
Sorry but i had no time (to lose) to rescale them :)