aSticky Android app

aSticky Android app

I proudly present a simple Android app I made up to quickly write down the things you may need to remember during your journeys.

The app is as simple as possibile, just add a 4×3 widget in one of your panels and tap it to edit the text.

In the future many new features will maybe be added, according to the suggestions that will come from the users. Thanks in advance.


To download the app just search for ‘aSticky’ in the android market, or follow this link or just use the QR code below.

aSticky QR code

an Android section will be added to the homepage in the next days/weeks

Dumbbell logo

Dumbbell logo by

Dumbbell logo by

Here is a dumbbell logo i realized for my gym.
Like the other ones, it’s realized with Inkscape (it’s just a great svg editor, great!!!)